Work with me personally
in 2020

Build your online business 👔 in 7 months : systematically, guided, self-determined. 🏝 Live and work freely, without confusion or excessive demands 🌞

The ME Method ™ is a highly effective step-by-step system to make you a booked out professional in your online business. You will be coached exclusively and personally in a small elite group – by me and the best ME-Method ™ coaches.

With the ME method in 7 months you will …


  • position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • turn your Gift into your profession
  • get an email list with thousands of customers
  • put your online business on a solid footing
  • learn to work when you want and where you want
  • do what you love

Co-founder of MindHeart, developer of the ME method,
CEO & Head of Coaching

Feel welcome and learn with me how…

  • to start your successful online business
  • to unite your heart, your message and numbers
  • to overcome success limitation with a mentor and grow
  • to position yourself as an expert in your niche
  • you are also (still) afraid of technology & marketing 😉
Georg is very humble, genuine and has a high interest in giving value. I truly recommend anyone who want to organize an online summit to be in touch with him first! 🔥
Kevin Fornier

Coach for Entrepreneurs & Founder of the Entrepreneur Coaching Academy,

Online summits have always been a bit of a mystery to me… and although I could see some big brands doing it, I didn’t think they would be a good product for me. How wrong I was. Georg has convinced me that not only is this format a ‚useful‘ thing to do – it’s an incredibly impressive tool to truly reach your audience and impact them with amazing work. Georg has convinced me that this is both commercially beneficial and also can be done from a place of integrity (my core value).
Paula Thomas

Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional,,

At my online congress, he was there when I needed him and helped with words and deeds. Amazing professional, amazing human! I recommend him to people who want to build a viable online business.
Renata B. Vogelsang

Instructor FA, mediator SDM, coach and online congress....,

Path through the ME Method Mentoring

The participants of the mentorship receive over 100 videos, audios, worksheets and meditations in the 7 modules. Exclusively only here: your own congress software for automatization of your online congress.
Website & graphic templates, guidelines, plugins, GDPR & text templates included.

Module 1: Start with Yourself! Your setup to success

After this module you are interconnected with your vision and with your mindset and have all the tools to take the path to your transformation independently.

Module 2: Focus on finding & securing your position

Through focused research, you can find out what you have to offer and more importantly how to reach your audience with what you have to offer.

With your skills you create a coveted offer that corresponds to your values ​​and with which you can work unmistakably in the world. We call it the“transformation path„. Here you lay the important foundations for your unique “operating system” that you have created, with which your future customers can experience a transformation and solve a problem. This will set you apart from all competitors .

Module 3: Test your offer with the first customers

You learn to test your method by becoming visible and turning first interested in your offer people into paying customers. You will also refine your method with these “beta” users.

Are you taking the right course while developing the offer? You have to test it and give it a short range at first. This is the so-called validation phase. After this module, you will know how to use Facebook advertising for your business in a razor sharp and efficient manner. You will have tested and created an effective system with which you can generate customers for your unique system. Attract your first high price customers.

Desired goal in numbers*:
Sale of your service worth €2000 + to at least 2-3 paying customers 

Module 4: MEGABOOST ... with your online congress

This is „The Big One“ in the ME Method! Online congresses are still the most underestimated and most efficient tool for putting your own business on a high level. You will be visible … and this is really a big thing, considering all the light and dark sides 😉 That is why the previous modules are essential if you want to create a successful online congress on a solid, tested foundation with high 5-digit income.

Desired goal in numbers *:
Income of at least €10,000 net / 5000 online congress participants

Module 5: Create an online course and offer it correctly

… and this before the course is even finished thanks to the so-called „co creation principle“! Learn how to prepare your special offer, that your well-earned audience (from the online congress) is waiting for. Refine your transformation path (from module 2) to the mass pilot course.

Desired goal in numbers *:
Income of at least €40,000 net from at least 100 buyers.

Module 6: Find partners and affiliates

After an online congress, you have already established the first important connections with many partners and have proven that you can make good money together – ride this wave and hit the iron as long as it is still hot! Build and stabilize your partner community.

Module 7: Team Building & Grounding Abundance

Learn how to build a quick-witted team and be a leader, regardless of time and place, without tearing yourself apart. Bring the abundance into your life not only by making more money, but above all by making more time – money comes back, time doesn’t. Ground your business and bring it into stable realms. This is only possible if you no longer manage everything alone! Learn how to invest sustainably in your team that will not let you down and that will raise your business to a new level without becoming presumptuous.

*Disclaimer: These are realistic figures proved by participants of the ME method and my previous companies, which are associated with focus, commitment and, of course, work! Not by any means this is a „get-rich-easy“ undertaking.

Dear people! This man supported me so much. With his support I was able to change my whole life and finally I could share my true talent with the world.
TODAY .. I move so many people by doing what I LOVE and Georg accompanies me today with his SPIRIT .. just when I connect with him mentally or think about how much he pushed the limits of my belief to a completely new LEVEL. This remains with me until today. Thank you for that!
What I really love about Georg ~ that despite his success, he did not get carried away by that ~ and that I can always feel myself “at eye level” with him.
Even if I did not understand certain things immediately – It did not matter … I was given enough space and time, which I needed for my development. Thank you for that! I’m more of a guy who often has to ask 3 times.
And yes .. Money has never played a key role in that. It was truly mentoring from the heart, and I could always feel the true unconditional love.
And yes .. I know for sure now .. you need a coach to accompany you all the way through to overcome your fears .. and I was given an opportunity to experience this intensely in 2016 thanks to Georg .. It was – if I can say it that way – gentle and effective mentoring which helped me to overcome my own limits and restrictions.
I could write you a whole book here .. about what this man has changed in my life …
I am very curious what are you going to bring about in the near future, dear Georg! ☺️In deep gratitude
Stefan Licht

Spiritual teacher, medium, coach

Exclusive: „ME Summit Suite“ software

(more soon)

Georg is a great coach and whenever I had questions, he was there with help and advice. He supported many people along their way and always gave 110%. If he is committed to something, he is committed for 110% ,putting hard work into it. He is always there for his clients. A loyal partner both as a person and as a businessman. Thank you for that.👍💫
Manuela Gabriel-Schillinger

Coach for coping with grief

THANK YOU dear Georg for being there for me and for your mentoring. It’s been so helpful for me, because you stay focused and you keep showing me where my path leads. Now I understand what personal mentoring and accompanying throughout The Way means. The weekly calls help me a lot to stay on my „track“. How you deal with my own issues and „blind spots“ and support me throughout my process is incredibly empowering. You know where the journey goes and you look „behind the fence“, seeing things I cannot recognize yet. Your experience is so solid that I have total confidence in you. Thank you, thank you, thank you so far and on our further way 🙏😃
Eva Maria Mad


Georg was by all means an extremely important guarantor of our success. With his strategies, his marketing knowledge and his tireless efforts to implement it, he was and is an excellent choice if you want to build your online or offline business.
Thomas Nestelberger

Co-founder of MindHeart (with Katharina Nestelberger & Georg Martinka). Coach, entrepreneur, consciousness researcher,,

Mentoring includes

7 or 12 months mentoring (depending on previous knowledge – we clarify this personally during the potential analysis)

8 single calls

20 group calls

1 week workshop in Bali (excluding travel and accommodation)

Special software to automate your online congress

1 secret FB Mastermind group with daily presence (Mon-Fri)

Support with your texts and messaging

Support with your quotation (product and prices)

Support bei deiner Content-Strategie

Support with your content strategy

Support with your Facebook ads

🤝 7 or 12 months mentoring

(depending on previous knowledge – we clarify this personally during the potential analysis)

Single calls

With Georg Martinka

20 group calls

(depending on previous knowledge – we clarify this personally during the potential analysis)


(Soon more…)

🔑 Access to the closed Mastermind group

with daily presence (Mon-Fri)

👷 Delegate

Certified specialists in the ME Method: You only want to focus on your core competencies? No problem – outsource technology or graphics creation – and not from just someone❌, but from hand-picked, proven experts,👷 “done for you” to implement the ME method!

🏝 Meeting & workshop

in Bali or Germany (this will be agreed in the group) excluding travel and accommodation

Frequently asked questions 🤔 

more to come soon

Does the mentoring also include the creation of online congresses?

Yes! This is a central part of the course (see module 4 above)

Can I use the ME method if I already had a congress?

Absolutely! Congratulations in advance that you are already using the most efficient tool of empathic marketing – but you will need a solid strategy on how to use the dynamics of the congress to keep earning money afterwards – do not let that ebb away!

Is the method designed only for online business, or can I also use it for my offline business ?

Yes, you can also use the ME method for your offline business! Every company needs a strategy for advertising and marketing. The ME method works primarily on a strategic level and is meant for digital marketing, based on empathy with the customer – and this can also be applied offline at all times.

Do I have to go through all 7 modules to be successful?

No. This depends a lot on your setup and what skills you already have. We will clarify this within a few minutes in the free call 👇
PS: It has already happened that participants have only made one module, e.g. „Module 4 – Your congress“ and immediately achieved 5-digit sales after the congress.

What are the requirements to be able to participate?

You should be aware that you have to invest willpower, time and money to have a return on investment in order to be successful. The most important thing is that you are self-motivated to learn new things and ready to break new ground!

How much time do I need to invest?

On average, you should be ready to invest 10-15 hours a week. This can be combined with your job or study.

How much does mentoring cost?

This depends on how long you want to stay in the group, whether 7 or 12 months – depending on where you are with your business right now. Therefore, book a free call for analysis. 👇

Can I use what I have learned in the long run?

The ME-methods shared here and established contacts with the experts within the ME tribes are timeless. The materials are being constantly renewed in order to stay up to date with current trends, but this goes without saying anyway.

What is important to understand is that the tools can change, but the business methodology that is given here in the 7 modules does not. This will serve you all your life.

 About Georg Martinka and the development of the ME method

It hit me like a hammer: „You have a good place here and will stay 45 years … until retirement,“ my colleague said benevolently 14 years ago: I „died“ and woke up at that moment …

Actually everything was supposed to be all wonderful:

After 5 years of university and the very first job as an employee of an oil pump company, life was great.

✔️ generous salary for a beginner
✔️ full package
✔️ nice colleagues
✔️ easy office work
✔️ end and and … you name it!

Wait… Was it really MY IDEA 😱 of life?

In social respect I was:
✅ in the right time
✅ in the right place
❌ but all the time with the WRONG SETTING in my head!

💥BAM! My colleague suddenly made it all crystal clear to me with this sentence. I didn’t live MY life. I was not happy. … but why?  We have never learned to think of

OUR vision of
OUR dream life,
let alone to
1. develop and
2. make it happen



🏃‍♂️ quit next morning and never looked back. From that moment, my intuition and hunger for freedom and independence led me to a very long, painful …but nevertheless rewarding path of transformation.

I live now as a so-called location independent entrepreneur, self-determined and … free.

Back then I wanted a mentor who has already gone this path 💪


After 3 million € turnover in the coaching area in my previous company MindHeart, 211+ trained online entrepreneurs in German-speaking countries, at the top of the success of the online congress academy, I left this field and sold my shares to create the tool which I always wished for:

A clear transformation path to lead people to the freedom of building an honest online coaching business … for everyone who really wants it – this is the ME Method.

I open the gates for a short period of time on January to lead by the hand a few visionaries for 7 or 12 months and to guide them through my ME Method ™ to create and increase their online business.

A specific methodology that starts with yourself and aims for a return on investment at all levels: spiritual and … financial.

All the best and good luck on your path, wherever it leads you.

Sunny greetings from (currently) Bali.